Ride Rasmussen Style Snowmobile Clinic


If you follow me on Instagram ( you know that I love being in the snow! And, you might also know that I recently purchased a new snowmobile. It’s been a blast getting out in the … Read More

Evenson Family Party

A year ago my wife Mallorie started planning a holiday party for her family. She is the youngest of 10 Evenson children so the task of finding a home with enough space was not small. She found a giant 14,000 … Read More

Iceland – September 2017

This sparsely-populated, geologically-diverse, culturally-rich north Atlantic island is by far the coolest place I’ve traveled so far!

My wife Mallorie, daughter Annie, and I decided to plan a vacation to Iceland in September 2017. After doing some research, mostly … Read More

Southcentral Alaska

Alaska may be my new favorite place to visit! I started planning our trip a few weeks ahead of time. I used Google maps, Trip Advisor, and a few webpages that were results of Google searches. I also asked for … Read More

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is among my favorite parks in the United States! The thick alpine forest, woven together and sustained by all the water (glaciers, streams, creeks, rivers, and lakes), and the variety of wildlife make this a special place … Read More

Alta Wildflowers

High up in Albion Basin, just above the tiny seasonal town of Alta in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, central northern Utah, my wife Mallorie, baby Annie, and I took an afternoon off from work and the busy hustle … Read More

Jackson Wyoming

Who: Mallorie, Annie, Brady,

What: Hiking, Camping, (Biking)

Where: Jackson, Wyoming, Teton National Park

When: July, 2017, Summer

Why: Annual weekend Jackson bike trip

How: Roadtrip

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‘I am Westminster’ Campaign – Philanthropist, Outdoor Enthusiast, Life Learner Ariane Drake

Our client Westminster College asked us to create a couple beautiful student profile videos for the office of marketing and communications. In this video we had the pleasure of working with college senior Ariane Drake. She started Hands 4 Uganda, … Read More