Skiing with DJI Inspire 1

spToday I got out for a backcountry ski tour with a couple of my friends and the DJI Inspire 1 drone. Ski touring with a drone strapped to your backpack can be a little bit of, um, well…everything. It’s stressful … Read More

St. George, UT

With Friends:

Last weekend was action packed mountain biking the Guacamole and Bear Claw Poppy trails and attending Dave and Rae Sutherland’s wedding with our friends at the St. George Temple and the Entrada Club House.

With Family:

Mallorie and … Read More

Ski City Shootout 2015 – Image Gallery and Team Videos

For us this is by far one of the most challenging weeks capturing video each year! With four straight days of hauling around both ski and camera gear, hiking, ski touring, booting, side stepping, setting up and tearing down … Read More

Diamondback Mission Pro Review

Diamondback Mission Pro – Reviewed by Jon

This is a solid all-mountain bike with thoughtfully sourced, top-tier components. Everything you’d expect from a 27.5 mountain bike at the top of it’s line. If you’re in the market for a bike … Read More

Baby Eleanor Jayne Stevens

No, not my typical M.O., but today I made an exception. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to be with my family and better yet, today, to capture baby pictures of Eleanor Jayne.

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Hurricave – St. George, UT

Desert, Cactus, Climbing, Joe Kinder, Lindsey Tjian, Todd Perkins, Tim Jones, Kipp Shorr, Cave, Road Trip, Meadow, Hot Spring, Sony FS7, Testing, Gear, Dogs, Fun, Camping, Stars, Black Diamond, Night, Lava Tubes, Craters, Middle of Nowhere, Toyota 4-Runner, Packed, Alone, … Read More

Corporate Art Client – Academy Mortgage

I have had the honor of being selected by a local art buyer to have my photography in the newest Academy Mortgage office building. I’m grateful to have such great support of my work, it inspires me to continue doing … Read More

Hiking Guardsman Pass in Utah

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them¬†are dirt.” -American Hiking Society. Today’s path was up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Clayton Peak via Bloods Lake and back around for Lackawaxen Lake,¬†Silver Lake Islet, Lake … Read More