February 17, 2015

Diamondback Mission Pro Review

Diamondback Mission Pro – Reviewed by Jon

Completely Built Diamondback Mission Pro

Completely Built Diamondback Mission Pro

This is a solid all-mountain bike with thoughtfully sourced, top-tier components. Everything you’d expect from a 27.5 mountain bike at the top of it’s line. If you’re in the market for a bike that can climb as well it descends this fits the bill. With the Fox Shock Float X CTD controlling the bikes rigidity, it’s a quick flip of the switch into climb mode, and grinding on the up felt super solid and surprisingly smooth, with an unnoticeable loss of energy through the suspension. Coupled with the Rock Shox Stealth Dropper seatpost, quickly dropping and raising the seat from the thumb lever is quick as a snap. No need to stop and adjust the seat manually. The seatpost has 30.9mm of travel providing more than enough throw for me at 6’0″. The 11 speed drivetrain holds it own nicely! Never feeling like I needed any more than what is offered, this drivetrain is shockingly efficient. Not sure how to measure the effect of the carbon fiber RaceFace Next SL cranks. I imagine if has a positive effect on the cyntrifical force somehow, either way, they look sexy and felt solid.

I live in Salt Lake City, It’s February as I’m writing this (early season), and with exceptionally warm weather this year I chose to test this new whip out on our locals favorite, the Bobsled, in Salt Lake’s Avenues district. My approach was Dry Creek to Shoreline a 2 mile climb, 1,100 vertical foot ascent, across the Shoreline trail, and down bobsled, 1.6 miles 1,000 vertical foot descent. The Bobsled is bustling with high dirt wall rides, doubles with abandoned mid 19th century station wagon’s strewn in-between, drops, gravel, sand, and a short, but steep climb out. This bike felt right at home in this terrain.