July 8, 2015

KC Deane Mountain Bike Cork 3 and Big Spine Drop In Green River, Utah.

Cameras on tripods in the desert

Filming mountain biking in Green River, UT.

I was asked by photographer Steve Lloyd to help film a project that he and professional mountain biker and skier KC Deane were working on in Green River, Utah. I put together this edit from the footage I captured during our day of shooting together. Parts of this footage will be used in KC’s Red Bull Rampage 2015 application video. KC absolutely crushes the two big lines in this video! First action shot opens with KC styling out a huge cork 3 over the saddle of a rocky desert spine with a steep landing. The second shot begins with a light-flared camera pan up to the long micro-talus spine. KC rallies down the ridge of the spine and into the lower section. I switch to a SloMo shot of him hucking off the huge drop at the bottom. We got additional footage by Steve Lloyd and Steve Graham. I haven’t seen their footage yet, but I’m excited to see what they came up with. Graham was flying the DJI Inspire 1 and I’m sure got some really cool aerials. Search for their edits, or I’ll post them when they are available.

I shot all of this footage using the Sony FS7, in the Cine EI mode. 1920x1080p, 24fps, 120fps SloMo, 180fps SloMo, and 1fps for the TimeLapse. Color grading in Adobe Speedgrade. Edited in Adobe Premiere CC. Manfrotto carbon tripod and 504HD fluid video head. Canon L series lenses with Metabones Speed Booster Ultra. Clik Elite pack.

Music: Fight Forever – BH (Downloaded from